Aloha (Greetings / Hello),

May I introduce myself and share a little bit of where I come from, a little of what I’ve done with my life so far and some insight of what I look forward to be doing now and into the future because “Life Is Awesome”!!

So as you probably have thought, yes I am from Hawaii.  It was in the year of “Statehood” 1959 that I was born.  I must agree that we live in paradise here in Hawaii, however, we do pay a price to do so, ie; price of food, gas, clothes and almost everything else.  But I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other way or place.  I am the eighth (8th) child of nine (9) children and coming from a big family like that, life was a little “humbling”, but never a shortage of care, love and respect for and from our family and those who lived in our little community.  I grew up as an American during the era of baby-boomers (1945-1965) where we didn’t have much but we had the necessities to live a decent life.

Fast forward to 1977 when I graduated from High School and found myself “FREE as a Bird” just wanting to surf and “hangout”, so even though I enrolled in college for the next three (3) years, I did not do as well as I did in High School and eventually dropped out of college for the time being not completing it.  My path thereafter took me in many different directions as I worked in numerous occupations from age 19 and forward; Security Guard, Bread Salesman, Air Cargo Handler, Telephone Company Warehouseman, Geothermal Drilling Rigs, Adult Corrections Officer (15 years), Case Management Services (15 years), and finally an Airport Security Officer where I currently work at our local Airport.  I did marry at age 22, went back and graduated from college with an A.S. Degree in Administration of Justice and raised three (3) sons who are all married and have their own families now.  I divorced after 24 years at age 46 and remarried at age 50 because “Life is what you make of it”!  Can some of you relate?

Even when I had a “career” job working for the State of Hawaii for 15 years since my mid-twenties, I always did some kind of “part-time” thing in Network Marketing like Primerica (15 years), Pre-Paid Legal, Amway and many others.  I played Hawaiian Music professionally throughout the State of Hawaii and traveling to the West Coast and Japan sharing the music.  For some reason, I always had this desire to do something special and possibly achieve financial freedom by helping others and being around positive and good people.

I remember buying my first computer (Commodore 64) in 1985 or so, and since then I was very interested in learning how to use and operate the computer any and every time I had the chance to do so.  Back then at the job, I used the computer mostly to do word processing and typing because the internet was not a reality yet.  It was not until about the late nineties (90’s) that the internet became more of a valid means to communicate and search for information in it’s trial and error stage.

Fast Forward again to about 2011, I already retired early from the State of Hawaii – Corrections and working as a Case Manager, I became very interested in looking up “how to make money” on the internet.  I actually had enrolled with John Thornhill’s earlier Partnership to Success Program back in 2012, but stopped.  Then I enrolled again in maybe 2016, but stopped.  I continuously enrolled in this Affiliate Program, that Affiliate Program, and that Affiliate Program.  I bought this product and that product, and that product and ……?  I followed this person, that person, and then that person but I never achieved success at all.  I’ve spent so much monies and time “chasing the shiny objects”, and hoping that I found “the one”, but only to stop and do nothing with it??  I have been riding that “roller coaster” up and down the “HOPE TRAIN” over the past 10+ years or so just to end up still working at it.  Sounds familiar?

If I may, I’d like to say though……I haven’t given up on myself, the industry or the opportunity.  And so this is where I want to transition into the idea that it hasn’t all been in vain.  It’s hasn’t all been for naught.  I realize that this past ten (10) years have been a very long learning curve for me and through thick and thin, up and down, good or bad, I still have a strong faith that I can do this and succeed online like any other person that has gone before me and succeeded.  I also feel that I’d like to help others do the same if that is what they desire.

Currently, I am enrolled in the most updated Partnership to Success (P2S) Coaching Program and its Ambassador Program with John Thornhill and Team, therefore, I am learning and applying each and every step as outlined.  I feel this time I will “stick-to-it” and have faith and confidence, work the plan, build relationships, take advantage of the mentorship(s) and support system, and follow through with it all.  Mostly, I hope to attract others who may have experienced or currently experiencing what I have gone through with efforts in internet marketing and if so, would want to breakthrough and learn along with me in the P2S program to “build true partnerships” and work together to reach our dreams and financial goals.  Please reach out and contact me if interested, and I will be honored to be a friend, mentor and  “connector” to John Thornhill and everything else he points us toward to succeed.

Thank you so much, and it has been a pleasure to share some of my story with you.  Again, let’s connect by leaving me a comment below, email me at or call me anytime at (808) 989-1319.



JJ Ahuna

PS: Again, I would want to emphasize that I believe the time spent and knowledge that I have acquired online over the years has been a preparation period for me and those who work with me to benefit from moving forward.  Although I may be of the older generation (age 61 as of this writing), I am not afraid nor hindered by that fact, but only motivated and excited to build relationships and finally prove that I can succeed online if I stay consistent and treat this like a real business.  Any of you who think it may be too late, or you’re too old or too slow to learn and earn a full-time income online, NONSENSE!  Here is your chance to be coached and mentored step-by-step in Partnership to Success (P2S) Coaching Program and by its Creator, John Thornhill.

I look forward to being here on my Blog often with messages of progress in P2S and my online endeavors, and I also hope to provide value with each and every post I write.