If you’re thinking that very question, “Did I miss the bus” with Partnership to Success (P2S) Coaching Program?

The straight answer is “NO”, not at all!

How can you be sure?

Well let me show you some recent posts in our Private Partnership to Success (P2S) Facebook Group that proves others are currently starting in this coaching program each and everyday as we speak.





In fact, I myself just joined P2S about three (3) weeks ago, and it’s an amazing Coaching Program.

Having this “blog” is proof and I just set it up in just following the first four (4) lessons from my coach and mentor John Thornhill.

There is a ton more to learn and apply in the P2S Coaching Program, and I’ll share more about that later in this article.

However, like I mentioned in previous posts though, I attempted to start in P2S back in 2012, but stopped because of fear, uncertainty in the program and the financial investment I was making ($97 a month back then).

Then I tried to start up in P2S again in 2016, and I pulled out because I wasn’t making the necessary time and effort to go through the lessons and get my money’s worth.  Sounds familiar?

I was so frustrated with myself for going through this “in and out” process because deep inside of me I felt, “I can do this.  Heck if others can do it in internet marketing and succeed, I can do it, too”.

I admit it though that it was me, and me alone that was failing me!

I believed in myself but I was too scattered and afraid of continually buying in, but losing money, money that I didn’t have.

I was feeling sort of depressed for failing myself, and my wife who knew I was trying but nothing was coming from it as she would see me try and stop, try and stop, try and stop.

I couldn’t keep on doing this to her, meaning spending the monies on Programs that I did not go through and apply to learn the business.

It’s been years for me.

I haven’t stopped believing though.

Never stopped believing in myself, or the Programs, or the industry.

I had that same question just like you.

Am I too late, and did I “miss the bus” to join John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success (P2S) Coaching Program?

SO, here I am today, saying again, “NO, it is not loo late”.

Look at me!

I actually bought a PLR Program from Steve Alvey just before Thanksgiving this year (2020), and he reintroduced me to John Thornhill and Partnership to Success (P2S) by way of an invitation to a webinar which Steve promoted.

I felt good to see P2S again and after hearing the whole webinar offer, I felt myself saying, “It’s time, I wanna do this again and this time I will learn it, apply it and succeed.”

Here is why I joined again;

  1. Step-by-step video training in all aspects of Internet Marketing, ie; Product Creation, Blogging, List Building, Affiliate Marketing, etc.
  2. Personal coaching and mentoring from John Thornhill himself, and his coaching staff for at least one year.
  3. Access to all of John’s Internet Marketing Products to help learn every aspect of Internet Marketing if and when needed.
  4. Private Members-Only Facebook Group.
  5. A 24/7 Support Ticket Center.
  6. Referral and promotion of any product you create to John Thornhill’s Entire Subscriber Base (20,000+ subscribers).
  7. Referral and promotion of any product you create to John Thornhill’s 3000+ Army of Affiliates to help you sell your product(s).
  8. Your own website to share and promote.
  9. Your own product and sales funnel to help you promote P2S.
  10. An additional Login for a friend, spouse of outsourcer.

Do you see what I mean.

It’s more than a bargain, and I can testify that the step-by-step video training(s) are very easy to follow and simple to implement.

Those training videos are what allowed me to be doing this right here and now on my blog that I never knew how to set up before.

It’s very do-able!

If I can do it, YOU can, too!

So in seeing this for yourself, the real question to ask is, “Am I really ready to start learning how to do internet marketing NOW, and follow along, step-by-step?”

And….since others have made the decision to start in P2S as recently as one, two, three days or a week ago, you can see that it’s actually the perfect time for you to start, too.

All those who have asked themselves, and then have answered the same question, is now in the Private Facebook Group working to support each other in learning and building their internet marketing business together, the P2S way.

Honestly, there are a wide range of internet marketers in the FB Group, meaning from beginner/newbies, to seasoned and more experienced marketers who still need a coach/mentor and a “support group” to help them improve their efforts online.

It is understandable that you feel it may be too late because John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success (P2S) Coaching Program had been offered online for many years now, and so it must be that ‘everyone” had either already joined or heard about it, and there’s too many people doing it.

Actually, Partnership to Success (P2S) had always been making efforts to keep the Program up-to-date and current, with the ever-changing industry innovations.

On top of that, it has become obvious that there is a rapidly growing interest in people not only wanting, but needing to find new options to earn an income, especially from home because of the current health crisis occurring in the whole world today.

And therefore, Partnership to Success (P2S) is reflecting that trend where the P2S business model is being seen as a viable option to turn to because of job losses in the global business spectrum ie; government, travel, tourism, education, sports, entertainment, agriculture, etc, etc, etc).

If this article answered your question(s) about “if it’s too late for you to start in P2S”, it is hoped that you found some very compelling reasons to confirm that it’s not too late and it’s time to start today, and NOW!

Please leave a comment below if you can relate to what has been shared above.  Also if you’re open to chat email me at jj@jjahunaonline.com or call me; (808) 989-1319.  Lastly, if you’re “ok” with at least looking at what my coach and mentor John Thornhill shares and offers, go to Partnership to Success (P2S) Coaching Program and find out more.  Hope to talk soon.



JJ Ahuna

PS:  “Don’t wait, the time will never be just right”.                 – Napoleon Hill













JJ Ahuna
JJ Ahuna

Aloha My Friends, Born and raised in Hawaii, married twice, have three (3) children of my own and three (3) step children, and my second wife and I have twelve (12) grandchildren combined. It's a great life here in Hawaii. I am semi-retired if you could say that, however, I continue to make an effort to learn and apply internet marketing skills and techniques to earn an income online. I have followed, trained and gained much information from various internet marketing leaders (Anthony Morrison, Anik Singal, Fred Lam, Dean Holland, Vick Strizheus and some others) and therefore I have absorbed alot of leadership styles and models to see how this business basically work. However, I myself need to put it all together and make it work for me, and hopefully maybe you, too. This is where John Thornhill's Partnership to Success Personal (P2S) Coaching Program comes in where I see myself finally making that "All-In" commitment and take this forever Part-Time effort to a Full-Time income source online. Let's connect here on my blog by you leaving a comment below, writing me at jj@jjahunaonline.com or call me anytime at (808) 989-1319. Regards, JJ Ahuna PS: I hope you get a chance to follow me on my blog and invite you to visit often.

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