I guess that’s what I meant when I wrote on my “About JJ Ahuna” Page in my blog stating that “I haven’t given up on myself, the industry or the opportunity” to create a successful internet marketing business, build healthy relationships and friendships, and earn a generous income online.

I’ve kept that “burning desire” inside of me and made many efforts to learn and apply all skills and techniques taught, but I did not “crack-the-code“………YET!

Meaning, I admit that my previous efforts in trying to earn an income online had not succeeded so far, or as of yet, but I remain determined to reach my goal(s), and soon.


It’s not that I haven’t tried hard?

It’s not that I haven’t learned or done anything at all?

It’s not that I don’t know some of what to do?

It’s the fact that I know I can do it, but I haven’t reached that level of understanding of “how” to put it altogether………..YET!!

Again, I haven’t “cracked-the-code“, yet.

Understandably, it will take a serious commitment, consistent effort and making sure to have a “never stop/never give up” attitude and work ethic.

I know I cannot “dabble” in it.

I know I cannot go-stop, go-stop, go!

I know I cannot make or have anymore excuses, rather I can only accept to succeed no matter what, and I intend to do so.

The challenge is on me.

It’s really a one-on-one thing.


I can do it.

I will DO IT!!!

I also mentioned in that same post (About JJ Ahuna Page) that I believe the time spent and knowledge that I have acquired online over the years has not been a waste rather it has been a preparation period for me and those who work with me to benefit from moving forward.

Although I may be age 61 as of this writing, I am not afraid nor hindered by that fact, but only motivated and excited to build ahead.


So yeah, what about you?

Have you ever had a “burning desire” to do something, and feel you still have time to do it, no matter your age??

I would guess to say, many or most people do have this “desire” in them.

No matter their age?

No matter how long they’ve been trying?

How long they’ve been waiting to do so?

How much money or time have been spent trying?

It’s something that doesn’t have to end at all.

It’s an effort, goal or dream that can be picked up again, and again and pursued until you succeed.

So that’s basically what I’m doing here on my blogsite.

I’m thinking I can do this.

I will try doing it again.

I will continue my efforts with internet marketing online and do whatever it takes to achieve success.


Earn a generous income and fill my heart with satisfaction knowing that I pursued that “burning desire” inside of me no matter what it takes or my age.

Consequently, this is what I am learning while going through the Partnership to Success (P2S) Coaching Program with John Thornhill and I am so grateful for the opportunity to address this yearning feeling inside of me to “crack-the-code” through accessing all what John offers inside of P2S, which is step-by-step video training modules simple for me to understand and follow.

Let me tell you….I am only on my fifth (5th) day of lessons, out of a sixty (60) day lesson plan, and I’ve learned and accomplished so much already.

I am honestly amazed at myself of what has happened so far, and I am definitely excited to see how much more I will do and know….WOW!

I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and reading its content.

I hope it provides value for anyone that may relate to what I am presenting in this article.

My true intentions here are to help those who are just starting out also, beginners and newbies, and may be thinking that they would want to do internet marketing but don’t know how or who to learn from.

I can help.

I wanna help.

Let me help you or whomever you know wants to learn.

Let’s work together on this journey with John Thornhill as our Coach.


If you like what you’ve read, please leave a comment below.

May I invite you to visit again as I continue to learn more and apply what I am being taught from my Coach / Mentor John Thornhill, and keep you informed and updated on my next blog post.

Hope to talk soon.

Take care and Until next time,



JJ Ahuna

PS:  A quote for success…….”Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it.  The time will pass anyway“.










JJ Ahuna
JJ Ahuna

Aloha My Friends, Born and raised in Hawaii, married twice, have three (3) children of my own and three (3) step children, and my second wife and I have twelve (12) grandchildren combined. It's a great life here in Hawaii. I am semi-retired if you could say that, however, I continue to make an effort to learn and apply internet marketing skills and techniques to earn an income online. I have followed, trained and gained much information from various internet marketing leaders (Anthony Morrison, Anik Singal, Fred Lam, Dean Holland, Vick Strizheus and some others) and therefore I have absorbed alot of leadership styles and models to see how this business basically work. However, I myself need to put it all together and make it work for me, and hopefully maybe you, too. This is where John Thornhill's Partnership to Success Personal (P2S) Coaching Program comes in where I see myself finally making that "All-In" commitment and take this forever Part-Time effort to a Full-Time income source online. Let's connect here on my blog by you leaving a comment below, writing me at jj@jjahunaonline.com or call me anytime at (808) 989-1319. Regards, JJ Ahuna PS: I hope you get a chance to follow me on my blog and invite you to visit often.

    6 replies to "Have you ever had a “burning desire” to do something, and feel you still have time to do it, no matter your age??"

    • Melonee Ahuna

      Awesome blog post!

      • JJ Ahuna

        Thank you U’i. It’s a start and it’s time to work it hard and fast. My intentions are to do it first, and then help others who desire to do the same.

    • Matt Ward

      That was really from the heart JJ. I really feel I know you better and connected. Keep up the good work

      • JJ Ahuna

        Hey Matt, Thanks for reading the blog post and leaving a warm comment. Appreciate the feedback and I hope to connect more in upcoming days to learn and contribute also where I can. Aloha, JJ

    • Helen kaye

      That’s a beautiful post Jj, really honest and something we can all resonate with! I’m glad us “old” ones are not scared to have a last good go at making this online thing work! Well done so early on in your p2s journey! 😊

      • JJ Ahuna

        Aloha Helen. Thank you so much for making time to review my blog post and providing positive feedback. I am glad to have this kind of support and connection as I am definitely open for suggestions and guidance from those who have gone before me. Yes, yes….may we continue to encourage each other forward, those who are braving the effort to still making it online. I hope to stay connected and work together in the Group:)

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