When I enrolled for the Partnership to Success (P2S)Coaching Program with John Thornhill back on Tuesday, 11/24/2020, I had confirmed that he was the coach I wanted to work with, and that I could learn and succeed with this Program if I started, stayed consistent and applied all that is taught and recommended.  The Program was explained clearly and thoroughly on the “webinar” where I saw myself truely believing this is how I needed to move forward in achieving my long desired goal of earning an income online.

What I had gotten from John’s presentation is that if I could follow step-by-step directions primarily through video and periodic live training, and his support system, I could succeed in P2S.  Through the presentation, John stated that learning how to create Internet Marketing Digital Products and then launch and promote the products through various traffic (leads) platforms (ie; emails, solo ads, social media, JV affiliates, etc), that was the most proven method he found to have very successful results in both sales and list building.  John shared his own financial results of him earning eight (8) figures or tens of millions of dollars online over the past years using this P2S model.

John presented an added incentive for me to be able to earn an income online more quickly than thought, and even while I go through the process of creating my own digital internet marketing product, I could become a P2S Ambassador Member of his, which meant I would be allowed to “leverage” his years of knowledge and experience, and market this same P2S Coaching Program plus each and every one of his other digital products he currently markets to prospective customers for 50%-100% commissions.

Therefore, I had indeed taken advantage of becoming an Ambassador member where I have already gone through the set up process(es) and am currently preparing to send traffic leads to my unique affiliate link for the P2S / Ambassador funnel campaign.  I am definitely excited and look forward to go through the lessons provided while promoting P2S and its Ambassador Program.

My intentions are to learn how to do and succeed at internet marketing and then invite “beginner and newbie” marketers to do the same.  Honestly, I will be writing alot about the progress I make in P2S and give updates of where I’m at and how I’m doing in my efforts.  BTW….how about you actually review the information in this presentation and let me know how you feel about what you see and hear.

I invite you to visit my blog often and leave a comment if and when you feel like doing so.  It will be much appreciated and I will respond appropriately. 

Until next time……



JJ Ahuna

PS:  It is said, “Don’t Wait for Opportunity.  Create it“.


JJ Ahuna
JJ Ahuna

Aloha My Friends, Born and raised in Hawaii, married twice, have three (3) children of my own and three (3) step children, and my second wife and I have twelve (12) grandchildren combined. It's a great life here in Hawaii. I am semi-retired if you could say that, however, I continue to make an effort to learn and apply internet marketing skills and techniques to earn an income online. I have followed, trained and gained much information from various internet marketing leaders (Anthony Morrison, Anik Singal, Fred Lam, Dean Holland, Vick Strizheus and some others) and therefore I have absorbed alot of leadership styles and models to see how this business basically work. However, I myself need to put it all together and make it work for me, and hopefully maybe you, too. This is where John Thornhill's Partnership to Success Personal (P2S) Coaching Program comes in where I see myself finally making that "All-In" commitment and take this forever Part-Time effort to a Full-Time income source online. Let's connect here on my blog by you leaving a comment below, writing me at jj@jjahunaonline.com or call me anytime at (808) 989-1319. Regards, JJ Ahuna PS: I hope you get a chance to follow me on my blog and invite you to visit often.

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