Aloha (Greetings / Hello),

This is my very first post on my brand new blog.  Over the coming days, you will see this blog transform.  Follow me on my journey as I build my online business going through John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Program (P2S).

This is a long time coming as I had started this program twice before since about 2012, however, I “chickened-out” and did not move forward with it pass the first month because of my own self-doubts and fear.  I am determined to learn and apply the lessons of this program to ultimately earn an income online and share with others who wants to learn this process of how they can do it too.

Although I may be of the older generation (age 61), I am not afraid nor hindered by that fact, but only motivated and excited to build relationships and finally prove that I can succeed online if I stay consistent and treat this like a real business.

I look forward to being here often with messages of progress and hope to provide value with each and every post I write.  Talk soon and in my Hawaiian Language I will say, “Ahui Hou”, which means until we meet again.  Bye for now!

JJ Ahuna
JJ Ahuna

Aloha My Friends, Born and raised in Hawaii, married twice, have three (3) children of my own and three (3) step children, and my second wife and I have twelve (12) grandchildren combined. It's a great life here in Hawaii. I am semi-retired if you could say that, however, I continue to make an effort to learn and apply internet marketing skills and techniques to earn an income online. I have followed, trained and gained much information from various internet marketing leaders (Anthony Morrison, Anik Singal, Fred Lam, Dean Holland, Vick Strizheus and some others) and therefore I have absorbed alot of leadership styles and models to see how this business basically work. However, I myself need to put it all together and make it work for me, and hopefully maybe you, too. This is where John Thornhill's Partnership to Success Personal (P2S) Coaching Program comes in where I see myself finally making that "All-In" commitment and take this forever Part-Time effort to a Full-Time income source online. Let's connect here on my blog by you leaving a comment below, writing me at or call me anytime at (808) 989-1319. Regards, JJ Ahuna PS: I hope you get a chance to follow me on my blog and invite you to visit often.

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